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Our branches:

International transportation, customs declaration and customs clearance of cargoes

"International Customs Terminal» is the biggest company in the North-West region, that specializes in transport logistics, certification and freight customs processing. We offer our clients full service in transport logistics including container transportation by sea, automobile, railway means, and also take care of customs processing of all types of cargoes.

With yeach year the turnover of trading with European countries grows and 80% of cargoes going from Europe to Russia or from Russia to European countries pass the cutoms zones, ports and other transportation connection points of North-West region. That is why our central office is situated in Saint Petersburg - the biggest port city.

Also we have 5 branches in Murmansk, Vladivostock, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Novorossiisk, Smolensk, Pskov, Kingisepp and Viborg which allow us to provide service all over Russia.

We provide customs declaration service of goods and vehicles, customs valuation of goods and other services in the field of customs processing. We have founded a company which takes care of solving all questions of transportation and customs clearance. There are high skilled specialists working in our company. They regularly pass official evaluation and have advance training, a certain persentage of our specialist has a many year experience in working with the customs.

Why ICT?

  • "ICT" company is a customs broker and a provider of service in transport logistics. High skills of our employees and our own know-how in logistics allowed the company to grow from a department consisting of several people to a large licesened customs broker, which was registered in the state register.
  • We work in the Central, North-West, Far East, South federal regions with any kinds of goods.
  • The company has branches in Murmansk, Vladivostock, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Novorossiisk, Smolensk, Pskov, Kingisepp and Viborg. There are more than 100 highly qualified specialists, who graduated and have certificates on customs clearance.
  • Among our clients, different participants of foreign economic trade, are entrepreneurs as well as big industrial companies.
  • Our advantages are: individual approach to each client, knowledge of all aspects of customs processing and logistics nuances, speed and flexible price policy.
  • Also our company provides expediting service, forwarding and delivery of cargoes all over Russia and abroad.