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Export (list of documents)

Information / Export

  1. Contract (2 photocopies, authenticated by the stamp of the Seller;
  2. Transaction passport -a photocopy, authenticated by the company;
  3. Invoice , sent with the cargo, authenticated by the stamp of the company, in which the particulars of the Buyer and Seller, number of the contract, cost, delivery terms (all data should be in accordance with the contract) are indicated - (7 pcs);
  4. CMR () 6-12 pcs as agreed;
  5. CARNET TIR + certificate of car admission (do not need in “for the supply of the seller” case);
  6. Documents proving the right to the sent cargo possession (contracts, invoices); for the producer of the goods – calculation of the goods cost, authenticated by the chief accountant;
  7. Documents proving the origin and characteristics of the goods ( certificates, quality certificate,technical passport and technical description);
  8. Information about the packing, weight and number of packages for the sent cargo for each name of goods;
  9. Other documents according to the contract and delivery. For example, documents about prepayment.