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Import (list of documents)

Information / Import

  1. Contract (original and 2 photocopies, authenticated by the stamp of the receiving company) made according to the “Requirement to the contract”;
  2. Transaction passport -a photocopy, authenticated by the bank + a photocopy , authenticated by the Buyer
  3. Goods supporting documentation and also the invoice in which there are particulars of the Buyer and Seller, number of the contract, cost, delivery terms (all data should be in accordance with the contract) are indicated.
  4. Translation of the invoice, authenticated by the stamp of the company.
  5. Сертификаты, лицензии, другие разрешительные документы (если требуются).
  6. Original of the bank order for customs duty with a mark of the customs about receiving the payment.
  7. Information about the packing, weight and number of packages for the sent cargo for each name of goods;
  8. Other documents according to the contract and delivery. For example:
    • bill of lading (sea transportation);
    • insurance;
    • prepayment document;
    • other.
  9. Documents to prove the cutoms value:
    • Transportation and insurance documents, if they are any depending on the delivery terms;
    • Invoice for transportation and officially or office copy of transport costs calculationin cases when transport costs were not included in the invoice-proforma;
    • Сountry of dispatch customs declaration, authenticated by the sender;

In addition the customs may require the following documents:

  • contract with third parties related to the transaction;
  • invoices and payments to the third parties in favour of the Seller;
  • invoices for commitment fees, broker service related to the transaction with the goods beeing valuated;
  • accounting documents;
  • authorship and license agreement;
  • export (import) licenses;
  • warehouse receipts;
  • delivery orders;
  • cataloques, specifications, price lists of producers;
  • calculations from the producers for the goods being evaluated (if the company agrees to provide it to the Russian Buyer);
  • commercial, customs and payment documents related to the simular or of the same type of goods transactions, invoices, bill of lading, calculations, price lists of producers.
  • Other documents, that may be used for proving the information in the declaration of the customs valuation of goods.

The cost of delivery in Russia may be deducted from the customs valuation.

According to the letter of SCC dated 13-03-00 № 01-06/6088, information about the delivery cost on the Russia territory declared by the customs applicant must be proved by the documents, which allow to prove the legality of these deductions and to define its ammount:

  1. contract for goods delivery with indication of service costs and payment method;
  2. invoice-proforma from the Executor of the delivery contract with particulars, sum and payment terms, and also the object of payment;
  3. bank payment documents, proving the payment for delivery according to the issued invoice - proforma

According to the article 1 "а" section 19 of law “About the customs tariff” the cost for delivery of goods include: cost of transportation, cost of loading and unloading, reloading and transhipment, insurance costs (insurance premium). That is why when the question of relevance of declared information when the customs valuation for delivery is being done, it should be considered irrespectivly of the main cost after the entry location. This cost should be considered separetely with each of its components as the transportation costs depend on distance, loading depends on weight of the cargo and insurance costs depend on its value.


  1. If the goods is specific than it's good to provide explanatory materials: technical description, booklets, samples, drawings and so on.
  2. All photocopies should be authenticated by the stamp of the Buyer.