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Transport logistics and international freight traffic activity

Service / Transport logistics

transport logisticsTransport logistics is a system of freight transportation from one destination to other by the most useful method. It's very important to find the best route which will save costs and will allow to deliver the goods in the shortest possible time Nowadays «International Overseas Transportation» is one of the largest companies who specialize in logistic service. It works with automobile transport, sea transport, railway transport, delivering goods from Saint Petersburg all over the world.

Our profound experience in organizing international transportation allows us to choose routes the most convenient for our clients and to monitor the goods in any point of its route. We also deliver small package freights as well as shipload lots, provide high quality legal support.

Our service in a field of transport logistics

  1. Delivery of cargoes "from door to door"
  2. Container, comdined shipload lot transportation
  3. Package freights
  4. Terminal operations on the European Union territory
  5. Insurance
  6. Automobile and railway transportation on the territory of Russian Federation

Delivery of cargoes "from door to door"

This means that the cargo for shipment abroad or in another region will be delivered by our company right from the client's warehouse to the consignee. If you order this service, you will not need to organize the delivery to the port or railway station by yourself, we will do it for your, which will save your time.

Container, comdined shipload lot transportation

Container transportation means that the cargo will be transported in special containers which help to keep the optimal conditions for goods storage. We offer international sea transportation in containers and also car and railway container transportation. We can transport large stores by ships and automobile transport. Leased containers are sealed in the presence of the representative of the customer and from this moment we are responsible for safety of the cargo until it arrives to the consignee.

Package freights

If there is a need to send a small cargo or small-size freight for which it's useless to take on lease a full container, the best solution is to use a package freight. Transportation and delivery of package freight by our company means that one container is used for transportation of cargoes of different consignees. This is a cheap and safe means of transportation. Organizing delivery of package freights is a very difficult process which takes strict planning and exact system of tracking of the transport route. That's why not every transport company provides this service. The profound experience of our specialists allows us to offer this service to our clients.

Terminal operations on the European Union territory

Terminal transportation on the European Union territory means controlling the cargo check on the territory of the European Union through which the transport goes. Our specialists solve all questions connected with transportation and necessary documents obtaining, working with European customs terminal offices. This allows to avoid possible detention of the cargo and to keep delivery time.


All freights which are sent abroad or in Russia with our company are insured obligatory. This assures our clients that should the unexpected situation leading to damage of the goods or delay of delivery arises, the damages will be paid. We work with biggest insurance companies and if a insurance event happen we take the negotiations with them upon ourselves which gallows our clients to get the damage payments as quick as possible.

Automobile and railway transportation on the territory of Russian Federation

Automobile transportation is the best way to organize the delivery of freight within the country or continent. This is a relatively cheap and fast way of transportation of the freight from one addressee to another. We offer our own transport for automobile transportation, which you can choose depending on the size of the freight.

Railway transportation is ordered for transportation within the country. Despite the difficulty of organization, the container railway transportation is relatively cheap and convenient if it's important to deliver the freight by the certain date. We use special containers, which exclude the possibility of cargo damage and use the most modern automatic loading systems, which guarantee delicate handling of the goods.