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Company profile / Responses

«Pti Logistics» LLC

«Pti Logistics» LLC

Our company has been cooperating with the “International Customs Terminal” LLC since 2004.

«International Customs Terminal» LLC provides customs clearance and transportation service.

Nowadays we make deliveries of wide range of food supplements, spice, concentrated soya protein, polyphosphates.

Working with «ICT» LLC shows, that the management and specialists of the company are always ready to offer professional solutions of different tasks in a field of foreign economic activities. High skill of the employees allows the company to fulfill tasks in time.

We would like to mention that «ICT» LLC has its branches in other cities of Russian Federation. That allows to optimize logistic chain and to lower the costs for customs processing.

We think that «ICT» LLC is a highly qualified provider of customs service and meets standards that we require from our partners.

«Scartel» LLC

«Scartel» LLC

«Scartel» LLC is a service company, that launched the first mobile broadband network based on mobile WiMAX technology in Russia. In 2 years our company constructed and launched the network in 5 Russian cities including Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

High pace of development needs a high level of coordination and efficiency of network construction on all stages, starting from purchase and customs processing of WiMAX and LTE equipment necessary for providing our service. These questions represent a complex multi-level task and we are glad that «ICT» LLC helps us.

«ICT» LLC employees are professionals, they are aimed at specifics of each client, result stability and high level of service.

We highly evaluate the work of the «ICT» LLC, we are fully satisfied with the results and hope for future successful cooperation.

We are surely can recommend the «ICT» LLC as a trustworthy and professional partner.